Burn Calories the Easy Way


Keep doing what you’re doing — just do more of it and do it better.

Burning more than you consume is the trick to working off those calories outside the gym. Sound too good to be true? Then keep reading. Everyday pleasures and tasks can put you on the path to better wellness.

two steppin
Going to the gym isn’t the only way to burn calories. Amp up your typical everyday activities, like walking, two steppin’ with your favorite dance partner or playing with your kids to easily burn calories throughout the day.

Walk like the Amish.
We all walk, but do you take 16,000 steps a day? The Amish do — that’s an average of 8 miles a day. The average American walks only 5,000 steps per day, roughly 2.5 miles. So next time you’re thinking of driving to the store or a friend’s house, forego the car and put one foot in front of the other. Need a little motivation? Join the 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge. Reach your goal of 10,000 steps and you’ll be burning an average of 300 to 500 calories a day.


Dance like nobody is watching.
While dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld might embarrass you and your friends, in the privacy of your own home go ahead and abandon all inhibition and let loose. Dancing will improve your heart and lung health while building muscle — keeping your weight down and improving balance, flexibility and agility. And, of course, dancing — weather hip hop, salsa or two step —burns a lot of calories. You can work off anywhere from 100 to 700 calories in just 60 minutes.

Play with your children.
Skip the gym every now and then and burn some calories with the energized kids in your life! Run, wrestle or play chase. Don’t forget hop scotch and hide-and-seek, or join your kids for an afternoon of fun on the playground. Simply carrying a little one burns calories. So next time you find yourself wishing your kids would stop bouncing off the walls, take a cue — 12 minutes could help you burn 57 calories.

Fire up the grill.
True story: Burning calories is as simple as firing up the grill. The act of barbequing alone burns an approximate 50 calories in just 19 minutes. And although literally burning unhealthy foods to a blackened crisp is another way to burn calories, that’s not what we’re recommending here.

Don’t negate those calories burned by then increasing your food consumption or eating unhealthy foods. Continue to focus on a well-rounded diet, add some veggies to the fire and above all else — keep moving.