Training Tips from Sierra Strength and Speed


Your workout is just as good as your technique.

SierraStrengthWhether you are a training athlete or just simply trying to get into shape, technique really is everything. Not only does it help you avoid injury during your workout, but also it helps you get the most out of your exercise routine, which helps you achieve maximum results. Whether you are completing workouts such as this pre-ski season workout from Sierra Strength and Speed or simply trying to tone those legs, keep these technical tips in mind:

Lunge. Take a step forward with one leg twice the length of your normal stride. Bend both knees and ankles, but do not touch the floor with your back knee as you are working on controlling gravity. Keep the torso—from the hips to the shoulders—perpendicular to the floor throughout the entire exercise. Come up on the foot in front and repeat on the other side.