New Weight Program and Motivate U: A Winning Combination


At age 40, Ginny Crawford had her first child — and subsequently gained a lot of weight, post-delivery. So the Renown employee made a decision: to consult with a Renown weight management doctor and join a program called Motivate U. Read (and watch) her success story below.

Renown Physician Liaison Trainer Ginny Crawford battled with her weight for years. She tried many different types of diets but would lose weight and gain it back again. The scales really tipped after Crawford had her first child at age 40.

“After I had my daughter, I really realized the weight gain,” Crawford says. “I got heavier and heavier every year to the point where I didn’t recognize myself.”

Crawford learned about Renown’s new Medical Weight Management doctor – Kirsten Frederiksen, MD, FACP – and wanted to be among her first patients.

“We collaborated together and found the program that worked for me. And it was seamless,” says Crawford. “It was black-and-white. There weren’t a lot of choices to make. I had four shakes a day. Boom. Done.”


“Ginny was so motivated, so ready to make a change, and took everything to heart that we said,” says Dr. Frederiksen.

Taking the Motivate U Challenge

After losing about 60 pounds in five months, Crawford was accepted into the Hometown Health Motivate U Challenge. It begins with a weight, blood pressure and cholesterol screening. Then participants get a free gym membership for 12 weeks, where they work with trainers from those gyms.

“Motivate U came at the perfect time for me. I was just at the point where I really needed to start working out,” says Crawford. She lost more than 40 more pounds and became the female winner of the Motivate U challenge. The prize money will pay for her membership at Evoke Fitness.


Now comes the biggest challenge for Crawford: keeping the more than 100 pounds she lost from returning.

“When people start to reach their weight loss goals and the next goal is to maintain the weight that they’ve lost, that can really be a challenge. That can be harder than losing the weight itself,” says Dr. Frederiksen. “That’s one of the benefits of our program. We want to continue their care. It’s really a lifelong process.”

Crawford’s ready to keep that motivation going, though. She plans to continue with her workouts at Evoke and her visits to Dr. Frederiksen and a Renown dietitian, who is also part of the weight loss program.

“I really think this is going to stay off this time,” says Crawford.

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