Motivate U: Competitors Seek Healthy Goals in Fitness Challenge


In the second installment of our series, we follow participants in Hometown Health’s Motivate U Program as they work toward making healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. Join us in following their journey.

“I struggled with weight my whole life,” says Motivate U participant and Renown Health employee Beatrice Carrasco, “and I thought after losing 80 pounds on my own in the last five years, it was time to continue because I plateaued. I really needed motivation again to get healthier and continue with my quest to lose another 40 pounds.” 

Motivate U, Hometown Health’s eight-week fitness challenge, is an opportunity for local residents to create lasting lifestyle changes. Among the participants are employees from various entities in Reno that offer the insurance benefit and Healthy Tracks program. About 700 members of Hometown Health applied to compete in this year’s challenge. Ultimately 200 members were selected through a lottery.

The participants receive a free gym membership and training as they compete to win the grand prize for the greatest weight lost or most positive change in their body mass index.

In the next part of this series, we will introduce you to the “motivators” — the trainers at each of the six gyms in the program.