Motivate U: 8 Weeks Could Change Your Life


In the first of a series, we follow participants in Hometown Health’s Motivate U Program as they work toward making healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. Join us in following their journey.

Motivate U is an eight week, boot camp style workout program designed to give people who are ready to make the commitment to a healthy lifestyle the tools, training and encouragement they need to be successful.

“Hometown Health created Motivate U for its members,” says Heather Reimer, Hometown Health sales and marketing manager. “We’re not just about sick healthcare. We’re about wellness healthcare and prevention.” 

About 700 members of Hometown Health applied to compete in this year’s Motivate U fitness and health challenge. Ultimately 200 members were selected through a lottery.

The participants receive a free membership to one of six gyms during the competition, which they are required to attend three days a week. This year there is also a home component to the program, where a select number of participants work out at home utilizing a FitKit, provided by Motivate U, which includes necessary equipment and instructions for home exercise. At Home Academy participants also receive nutritional guidance and counseling from certified nutritionists to assist in making healthy meal choices.

Brenda Grace participated in the 2014 Motivate U challenge and has stuck with it for almost two years.

“When I started, I lost about 6 to 7 pounds,” Grace says. “I stayed on the program, and now almost two years into the program, I have maintained a 20-pound loss.”

In the coming weeks, we will highlight Motivate U participants, take you to local gyms that are community partners, show you how to utilize the Healthy Tracks tools online and meet the winners of the challenge.