Exercise is Medicine: Keep Active with a Low-Heart-Rate Walk


What if there were a magic pill that could ease symptoms of depression, diabetes and high blood pressure? Turns out it’s not a pill, but there’s an option that is almost as simple: a low-heart-rate walk. Discover some tips and tricks from two Renown experts.

When it comes to workouts, some people think the higher the heart rate, the better. 

Not so, according to two Renown experts. 

The fact is, you don’t always need high-intensity workouts to truly use exercise as medicine. As shown in this fun video with Wendy Damonte, Vice President of Advocacy and Community Partnership, and Dr. Chris Rowan, a Cardiologist with Renown Medical Group, an easier walk for up to an hour on your favorite trail in your neighborhood has great benefits.

The Benefits of a Low-Heart-Rate Walk

Watch as Wendy and Dr. Rowan demonstrate the health benefits of a low-heart-rate walk (or jog, depending on your fitness level) on the Damonte Ranch wetlands trail in south Reno.

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  1. Re: low heart rate walk. Thought this would show people walking slowly. But doing their. Best... Perhaps some seniors out for a walk. So many of us would.glad to be able to go at their rate ...and call it FAST! Very deceptive article title!