Living a Fitbit and Healthy Tracks Lifestyle


This year Santa (my husband) checked my list (my email link) and on Christmas Day a Fitbit was waiting for me under the tree. I had been researching personal fitness tracking systems for a couple of months. While all systems on the market have similar features, I decided on a Fitbit because it syncs up with Hometown Health’s Healthy Tracks system. As a new Hometown Health member, I wanted to take full advantage of Healthy Tracks, a free system designed to help users get a clearer picture of their overall health.

fitbitI had my Fitbit charged and connected to Healthy Tracks within an hour having it unwrapped. Over the next couple of days and now months of wearing my Fitbit and using Healthy Tracks, I have noticed some disturbing health patterns.

First, I am not active enough. The standard goal is 10,000 steps a day, but. on a typical work day where I spend a majority of my time at a desk, I am lucky to get 4,000 steps. So, I’ve started taking a brisk 30-minute walk at lunch, and am able to reach my daily goal.

Second, I do not eat enough during the day, nor do I drink as much water as I thought. When you actually track these things, you quickly realize how you skip meals and exaggerate your water consumption. Now, when I pack my son’s lunches for a week, I also pack mine. I also got a reusable glass water bottle that measures how much water I drink.

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