Tips from a Trainer: Simple Leg Exercises for Strength and Tone


Did you know boosting your leg strength can increase your overall health? Get started with our video featuring top powerhouse moves, plus a downloadable list of exercises.

March is National Athletic Training Month, an initiative that shines a much-deserved spotlight on the important work of personal trainers. With this in mind, we asked Mena Spodobalski, owner of Evoke Fitness and Healthy Tracks Partner, to offer up some simple and effective leg exercises. 

In the video above, Spodobalski shows us her most effective exercises for working all parts of your legs, as well as your glutes and core. The exercises can be done at home or outside without any equipment.

Learn Leg Exercises That Translate to Better Health

How often and how many sets of each exercise depends on your level of fitness. It’s important to go at your own pace, but to exercise enough to make a difference. Work your way to two or three sets of each exercise two to three times per week, with days of rest in between.


Spodobalski says it is also effective to climb stairs, power walk and jog, and perform plyometric exercises, like good old-fashioned jump roping.

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For more exercise tips, download this handy leg exercise guide.