Jazzercise Instructor Gets Back on Stage After da Vinci Surgery


Many hear the term “jazzercise” and immediately harken back to a time of leg warmers, off-the-shoulder shirts and ’80s music. But for Tracy Glover, the modern version of the once-again popular exercise routine symbolizes something even greater: She has successfully regained her health and her livelihood after da Vinci surgery.

When you think of jazzercise, you likely envision Jane Fonda or Denise Austin in colorful spandex and a headband all geared up on your television set to get your heart pumping. Although leotards and the ‘80s are long gone, jazzercise is still transforming people’s bodies in a pulse-pounding, high intensity, dance party kind of way.

Fifteen-year jazzercise instructor Tracy Glover ditched the ‘80s music and neon workout wear long ago. As she hopped onto the stage one recent day with her wireless microphone and welcoming attitude, it’s clear to see that jazzercise is still alive — and literally kicking. Tracy’s music and moves are more akin to being at the club with your friends – laughing, dancing and sweating with confidence with not a care in the world.

Tracy knows firsthand the importance of getting back to a normal lifestyle after surgery. And as a wife and mother of two daughters, teaching jazzercise was part of her road to recovery. The exercise is one of her passions because she gets to workout while helping her lifelong jazzercisers get fit and stay healthy.

Tracy Teaches Jazzercise

Da Vinci Surgery, Faster Recovery

Tracy’s own experience with surgery and recovery began in 2013, when she experienced severe stomach pain after a vaginal hysterectomy. First thought to be cancer, Tracy was later diagnosed with severe endometriosis. That’s when Peter Lim, MD, FACOG, Gynecologic Oncologist, recommended physician-guided da Vinci Surgery

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Tracy left the hospital the same day as her surgery and says she was “pretty much back to myself” about 10-14 days later.

Of course, Tracy is happy to be back in the swing of things, healthy and fully recovered. And her clients are happy to have her energetic, positive attitude back on stage teaching Jazzercise – the still evolving dance party exercise, 45 years after its early neon beginnings.
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