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home exercises

Home exercises are gaining in popularity, and rightly so. These workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, without a costly gym membership. And you don’t even need any special equipment for these workouts to be effective. In fact, your body is all you need, providing the resistance for these home exercises. Give them a try!

Using your body weight for home exercises, not only allows you to get stronger, but more flexible too. The exercises below use multiple muscle groups, most importantly your core muscles. Specifically, core muscles are the major muscles on the front, back and side of your body. And research shows better core strength from body weight training translates into improved strength gains to your entire body.


If you can sit down in a chair and get back up, then you can perform a squat. This exercise targets  your leg muscles and your core. Learn the squat by watching the video here, which includes an option for those with limited mobility. Perform one set of 20 to start, adding more sets, then weight, as this gets easy.


The lunge is also a lower body and core strengthener. Although this exercise looks easy, it requires focus to avoid overextending your knee. Watch this video to learn how to perform a lunge correctly. Try one set of 20 lunges (10 per leg to start), adding more sets, then weight, as your strength improves.

You can also ramp up your balance by trying this exercise on a single leg. Unilateral (one-sided) exercises increase your body awareness and control. And it prevents one side from being stronger than the other, which may lead to an overuse injury.


Push-ups are an easy, no equipment way, to build upper body strength. In fact, there are many ‘push-up challenges’ circulating around social media. This is a classic exercise that every generation knows about because it’s so effective. Learn the basic movement in this video, along with options if the standard push-up is too hard. Work on one set of 10, modified as necessary, adding more as your upper body gets stronger.

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Many people love to hate burpees. Although the name sounds cute, this exercise is a challenging, total body move. A single burpee uses your arms, legs, and core all while giving your heart and lungs a workout too. Of all the home exercises out there, this is favorite of personal trainers. Incorporate burpees into your routine to create a HIIT (high intensity interval training) fat burning workout. For this advanced move start with one set of 20, making sure your form does not break down. Tackle more sets when your stamina improves.

The bottom line? Body weight exercises beat boredom. An online search will yield a variety of routines for every fitness level. So, break out a new routine and challenge yourself to a new level of fitness.

Other Body Weight Exercises to Try

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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Do you have problems exercising or chronic pain? Seek help from a physical therapist to discuss your concerns.

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