Take a Hike! Trails to Explore in Our Region

take a hike

Ready to take a hike this summer? Hiking is vigorous cardiovascular workout, a great calorie burner and exercises your entire lower body. Here are some hikes with different levels of difficulty to check out. 

Hiking on a regular basis can also help you maintain a healthy weight and improve heart and lung health, balance, bone density and quality of sleep. Remember to keep in mind California and Nevada’s rules around wearing a mask and physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Get Outside Around Reno

Easy: Lower Thomas Creek Trail is a gentle climb that follows a creek and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Length/elevation gain: 4.7 miles round trip/702 ft.

Moderate: Hunter Creek Trail is located in west Reno and the trail leads to a rewarding and beautiful waterfall. Length/elevation gain: 6.4 miles round trip/1,240 ft.

Hard: The Peavine Peak Trail is a steep, difficult climb with panoramic views of Reno at the top. Length/elevation gain: 8.9 miles round trip/2,900 ft.

Explore North Tahoe

Easy: The Stateline Lookout trail is a mellow hike for all levels of hikers. Length/elevation gain: 1.5 miles round trip/291 ft.

Moderate: Explore the Tahoe Rim Trail on this short hike to Picnic Rock. Enjoy the views while enjoying your picnic. Length/elevation gain: 3.1 miles round trip/740 ft.

Hard: The hike to Rifle Peak might seem short, but the steep climb makes it a challenge. Take your time and enjoy the rewarding views at the top. Length/elevation gain: 3.8 miles round trip/1,790 ft.

Take a Hike Around East Tahoe and Washoe Valley

Easy: The Monkey Rock Trail provides constant views of Lake Tahoe. Take the kids and try to find the rock that looks like a monkey at the end of the trail! Length/elevation gain: 2.6 miles round trip/500 ft.

Moderate: The hike to Marlette Lake might seem daunting, but the climb is gentle. Length/elevation gain: 10.2 miles round trip/1,755 ft.

Hard: Hikers can enjoy beautiful scenery and views of Washoe Valley while hiking the short and steep trail to Rock Lake via the Ophir Creek trail near Davis Creek Campground. Length/elevation gain: 6.3 miles round trip/1,932 ft.

Take in the Views of South Tahoe

Easy: The Castle Rock Loop Trail is a gentle climb with stunning views of Lake Tahoe. Length/elevation gain: 2.7 miles round trip/600 ft.

Moderate: The trail to Floating Island and Cathedral Lakes provides views of Fallen Leaf Lake and South Lake Tahoe and features two smaller alpine lakes. Length/elevation gain: 4.7 miles round trip/1,200 ft.

Hard: Lake Aloha is a beautiful and popular destination in Desolation Wilderness. The  journey is long but the climb is mellow and features five different lakes. Length/elevation gain: 12.5 miles round trip/1,873 ft.

Hit the Trails in West Tahoe and Truckee

Easy: Enjoy the beauty and waterfalls of the Olympic Valley while taking this hike in Shirley Canyon. Length/elevation gain: 1.5 miles round trip/300 ft.

Moderate: The Five Lakes Trail has, you guessed it, five lakes and is a great way to explore the Granite Chief Wilderness. Length/elevation gain: 5 miles round trip/1,118 ft.

Hard: A panoramic view at the top of Scotts Peak will motivate hikers to make it to the end of this climb. Length/elevation gain: 8.7 miles round trip/1,784 ft.

Hike Further Out in Northern Nevada

Easy: Just north of Spanish Springs is the Griffith Canyon Petroglyphs hike. Enjoy exploring the area and be respectful of the ancient markings. Length/elevation gain: 1.9 miles round trip/269 ft.

Moderate: Ready to explore a ghost town? Take this steady climb to Pine Grove Ghost Town. Length/elevation gain: 9.5 miles round trip/1,473 ft.

Hard: Challenge yourself on this hike to the Incandescent Rocks overlooking Pyramid Lake. Length/elevation gain: 6.6 miles round trip/1,866 ft.