HealthTech: Boston Marathon World Run App


Recommit to your own health and fitness as part of the Boston Marathon World Run Community.

Boston-Marathon-AppIf you’ve ever walked, run or wheeled your way across a finish line, then you understand the pure joy of participation. It’s not about winning — it’s about the camaraderie you feel with everyone around you and the satisfaction of fulfilling your own commitment to health.

The Boston Athletic Association invites you to experience that exhilaration every day leading up to the 2014 Boston Marathon by participating in the first-ever Boston Marathon World Run.

But first you’ll need the app.

Regardless of your fitness level, download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play, and experience all that the Boston Marathon World Run has to offer – regardless of your regardless of your fitness level.

  • Go for it! Pledge your own distance and complete that distance in whatever increments you choose before race day.
  • Track your progress and that of your friends.
  • Share your experiences through videos, photos and messages.
  • Get news and updates regarding the Boston Marathon, its partners and fans.
  • Make new friends in World Run’s global community.

The best part? You’ll receive your own bib, finisher’s certificate and finisher’s medal just for participating. So go ahead. Get behind Boston and recommit to your own health and fitness with the Boston Marathon World Run App.