Free Virtual Fitness Classes

Woman taking virtual fitness classes

Don’t let social distancing hurt your workout routine! Break a sweat with these five local fitness professionals offering free virtual fitness classes, open to everyone.

Being in healthcare, we know that exercise is not only a good way to alleviate stress and stay centered, but it also helps boost your immune system. With the closure of gyms and non-essential businesses, it may be discerning to wonder how you can still break a sweat. Fear not! The fitness community in Reno is coming together and many trainers and instructors are offering daily free daily workout classes for everyone through social media or Zoom.

Nicole Shutt, Pilates & Barre Instructor

7:00 a.m. Pilates Sculpt Live on Instagram @Buttsbyshutt

Nicole is offering daily Pilates Sculpt classes at 7a.m. live on her Instagram (@buttsbyshutt). Her classes are open to anyone and everyone. If you are unable to make the class time, no worries. The class is accessible on her feed for 24 hours so you can exercise at your own convenience.

“My goal with 7 a.m. live workouts is to create a sense of normalcy and accountability for both myself and the community,” Nicole says. “It is so incredibly important to set an hour aside every day to just focus on your physical body and escape from the outside noise.”

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Laura Lee Durst, Health & Fitness Coach

11 a.m. HIIT Classes Live on Instagram @Lauraleedurst

Laura will be offering daily high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes at 11:00 a.m. live on her Instagram (@lauraleedurst). Classes will be 30-40 minutes long and they are open to everyone. She will be mixing it up and working different muscles each class. The class will live on her feed for 24 hours so you can take it at your own convenience.

“The reason why I am offering these virtual classes is because I want to help our community come together, stay healthy and leave this crisis stronger than ever,” Laura says.

The Studio – Yoga Studio

Daily Yoga Classes Live on Zoom (Class Times Vary) @thestudio_reno

The Studio is a yoga studio in midtown Reno that is offering daily yoga classes via Zoom, a video conferencing site. You will need to create a membership on Zoom- but don’t stress, it’s free! The Studio will update their Instagram, @thestudio_reno, with class times and the Zoom links every day.

“The Studio wants to make sure that not just everyone in our yoga community has access to online classes right now, but anyone and everyone alike!  Whether you’ve never practiced before, or practice with us or elsewhere regularly, we feel like yoga is the answer!” says Rachelle Lanning, Owner of The Studio.

Pure Barre Reno – Barre Studio

Barre Classes Live on Instagram & Facebook (Class Times Vary) @purebarrereno

Pure Barre Reno will be offering live classes via Instagram and Facebook. Follow them to stay up to date on what time classes will be. As long as it is safe, each live class will have a couple of barre instructors present so you can see proper form and modifications. No equipment needed for these classes, just your body and a yoga mat. 

“The beauty of group fitness classes lies not only in the accountability that comes with signing up for and committing to taking classes, but also in the community created within the membership base,” says Micah Kraemer, Owner of Pure Barre Reno.

Temple Yoga – Yoga Studio

Daily Yoga Classes Live on Zoom (Class Times Vary) @templeyoga_reno

Temple Yoga is a studio in midtown Reno that is offering daily yoga classes via Zoom. Temple will update their Instagram @templeyoga_reno and the MindBodyApp with class times and teachers. You can find the Zoom link on the MindBodyApp.

“It’s so important to hold our yoga mat practice rituals together. It’s equally as important to keep your routines or some of us could feel a little lost. When everything’s been taken away, yoga is the one thing that keeps us together, “says Melissa Martinez-Chauven, Owner of Temple Yoga.

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