January 9 is National Take the Stairs Day — Get Those Steps In


Yes, there is really a National Take the Stairs Day! As part of our Exercise is Medicine series, Renown leader Wendy Damonte not only walks up 11 flights of stairs, she also shares why it’s important to stay on course when it comes to maintaining regular exercise — even when it’s hard to keep that momentum going.

When she first started working at Renown, Wendy Damonte — our Vice President of Advocacy and Community Partnership — wanted to help combat the stress of having new, demanding work by climbing the stairs. That is, all 11 flights of them.

It wasn’t easy, and Wendy admits that some days she would’ve rather taken the elevator. Then, she thought about the people and the reasons behind maintaining a regular exercise routine. So, she kept climbing.

Watch this video and hear Wendy’s personal story about taking the hard way up instead of the easy way out. We’ll be sharing more of Wendy’s Exercise is Medicine videos throughout the summer.

And, if you want some extra motivation, check out our past story for tips on taking the stairs.


  1. Wow, Wendy, great message. I've seen you taking the stairs at work and you inspire all of us to find little ways to exercise all day long. Thank you for sharing!