Get Active in Winter


Get Active in WinterWith temperatures consistently below 40 degrees, it’s easy to get stuck indoors and become less physically active during winter. Here are some ideas for keeping your kids and family moving during the colder months.

  • Add layers and go outside: Getting outside can be great for the family, even in the cold. A little sunshine helps increase moods and the room to move around will help your family get a little exercise during the coldest months of the year. Even just a walk around the block can help break up the day.
  • Build a snowman: Activate those creative juices! See who in the family can make the  silliest snowman or work together to make the biggest one on the block. Don’t forget the carrot nose!
  • Go sledding or skiing: We’re lucky to have plenty of places to ski or sled in northern Nevada. It’s a great chance to get outdoors with the family for an exciting day. And of course, don’t forget sunscreen and a helmet.
  • Exercise your brain: If you are stuck indoors, plan activities to keep your family’s brains active. Play games that require active thinking. Work in teams to increase bonding. Make up your own games.

Creating a fun environment that children want to be a part of helps create a sense of belonging and fosters emotional support.

Whether you’re stuck indoors or able to get outside for a bit, winter doesn’t have to mean several months of hibernation. There are plenty of opportunities to be active and make new family memories every time Jack Frost comes to visit.