5 Slam Dunk Reasons to Shoot Hoops

5 Slam Dunk Reasons to Shoot Hoops

Not only is it a fun game to play, but the physical and mental benefits of basketball also make life better. 

Are you looking for an easy and exciting way to burn calories? Then get off the couch, pick up a basketball and go! And you don’t have to go far. Walk to a local gym or park, or just take your game out to the driveway if you have a hoop at home.

Shooting hoops is more than just a game, and its benefits extend far beyond the court. Here are five reasons you should be incorporating basketball into your life:

  1. Burn calories. According to the Better Health Channel, playing basketball for an hour can burn between 630 to 750 calories. And the best part is you don’t even realize you’re working out, which makes basketball a great change-up to your usual workout routine.
  2. 5 Slam Dunk Reasons to Shoot HoopsImprove physical fitness. Playing basketball builds endurance, improve balances and coordination, and increases muscle mass. Because of its many physical benefits, basketball is a viable cross-training alternative to most any other sport.
  3. Sharpen your brain. Studies have shown that the attention skills required to play basketball help your mind make quicker decisions, a skill that carries over into your job or school environments.
  4. Relieve stress. Playing basketball is a great way to free your mind from the other stresses in life. Coordinate a pickup game to bond with friends and get a fun, stress-relieving workout.
  5. Enhance childhood development. Organized basketball leagues provide an opportunity for children to socialize and exercise. Team sports like basketball have been proven to enhance children’s communication, problem-solving and motor skills.

The next time you’re wondering what new workout you could add to your routine, or what to do on a sunny afternoon, remember these health and wellness benefits of shooting hoops. How’s that for motivation to get in the game?