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Fuel Your Fun: Power Protein Breakfast Bites

Prepping meals in advance can be a real game changer when it comes to your health. Fuel your fun with these make-ahead Power Protein Breakfast Bites, and find even more too-good-to-be-healthy recipes in our...

Fuel Your Fun at the Ballpark: Super Spinach Salad

Better options when you’re dining out can be a real game changer in your nutrition plan. This baseball and soccer season, try the spinach salad off the new Healthy Menu at Greater Nevada Field.  As...

Common Aches and Pains From Physical Activity

Learn what aches and pains should not be ignored while you're breaking a sweat. We all know exercise is a key to living a healthy lifestyle. And whether it’s parking in the farthest spot or...

Boost Your Health With These Simple Leg Exercises

Did you know boosting your leg strength can increase your overall health? Get started with our video featuring top powerhouse moves, plus a downloadable list of exercises. The stronger your legs are, the stronger your whole body...
Top 5 Things to do in Northern Nevada

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Northern Nevada

It can be a challenge to come up with kid-friendly activities on the fly. To help, here's some of our favorite family outings and activities.  Here are five of our favorite kid-friendly spots around northern...

Motivate U: New Nurse Sets Healthy Example for Families

In the first of a series, we follow participants in Hometown Health’s Motivate U Program as they work toward making healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. Join us in following their journey. Kayla Anderson, RN, Renown Health...
Danyelle Musselman

Musselman: Sportscaster, Fitness Instructor, Coach’s Wife on Living Well

Danyelle Musselman wears many hats: sportscaster, fitness instructor, mom and coach's wife, to name a few. How does she maintain good emotional and physical health during busy times, especially in the midst of her...

Take Charge of Your Health: Tips for Teens

Teens' emotional and physical needs differ from those of adults and children. Our adolescent medicine expert provides helpful tips for young adults to stay healthy. As we age, we tend to start thinking more about...

What Makes Our Hometown Renown?

Game changers in our community like Nevada Wolf Pack, Reno Aces, and Reno 1868 FC. Hometown Health and Renown Health are proud to be the Official Insurance Plan and Healthcare Partners of these local sports teams.

Nevada Wolf Pack
Nevada Wolf Pack
Back the Pack
Reno Aces
Reno Aces
Triple-A Action
Reno 1868 FC
Reno 1868 FC
¡Vamos Azules!


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