Video: Moms on the Run Helps Cancer Patients


Moms on the Run has been supporting northern Nevada cancer patients for 17 years. The nonprofit has helped many women stay financially afloat while navigating a complicated disease. Renown is proud to sponsor this annual event. 

Among the many fears Nancy Roe faced when she learned she had cancer pertained to one of the basic necessities of life: She was afraid she would lose her home. When she learned from Nurse Navigator Beth Ahart-Valk of a program for breast and gynecologic cancer survivors that help with everyday living expenses, Roe applied for assistance.

Moms on the Run Provides Support

Thankfully, Roe’s fear of not having a home subsided when Moms on the Run stepped up to pay her mortgage during her treatment.

That wasn’t all that Moms on the Run is doing for patients like Roe: The nonprofit group, which helps women who have breast and gynecological cancers with living and other non-medical expenses, also supports Healing Touch Therapy for patients at Renown. This treatment is a part of the Complementary Therapies provided at Renown Institute for Cancer, which aims to help relieve symptoms as well as strengthen and nurture the spirit to improve patient quality of life.

“Moms on the Run has been an absolute godsend,” Roe says.

Roe is a patient of Peter Lim, MD, FACOG, Medical Director, Renown Institute for Robotic Surgery, who performed open surgery on Roe due to concerns about the sheer number of organs potentially affected by cancer. The recovery from surgery took three months. After recovering from surgery, she began chemotherapy treatment at Renown Infusion Services. 

“I’m really competitive. I don’t like to lose at anything,” Roe says. “I’ve got all the support from everywhere — from Renown, from Moms on the Run, from my family, from my friends. If everyone else is willing to fight like that, I sure am.”

Renown Health is a supporter of the 2017 Moms on the Run 5k/10k Walk & Run on Mother’s Day, May 14. For more information, visit Moms on the Run.