Uber Health Rides for Patients in Need

Uber Health

Uber Health allows care providers to order rides for patients based on screening assessment.

For some, a lack of reliable transportation can make medical care out of reach. To help patients overcome this obstacle, Renown Health is using a ride-hailing service to order reliable, comfortable transportation for low-income patients or those with financial need.

Renown Health is in good company with healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes in the U.S. using Uber Health. Knowing the importance of privacy, Uber Health has put numerous safeguards in place to ensure their ride-sharing service meets HIPAA privacy standards.

Here’s How Uber Health Works

Renown screens patients to identify if they have a transportation need and schedules the ride with Uber Health. Patients may not self-identify their own need for this service. Care coordinators schedule rides with Uber Health on behalf of patients, caregivers and staff to take place immediately, within a few hours or up to 30 days in advance. Multiple rides can be scheduled and managed at once. The patient is contacted by text or a call with their trip details at the time the ride is booked.

“Transportation should never be a barrier for anyone seeking medical care,” says Kindle Craig, Senior Director, Renown Health Institutes. “This service is a tremendous asset to those in our community who qualify for transportation support and we are proud to work with Uber Health to provide this service.”


How We Improve Community Health

At Renown Health, we are proud to be Reno’s only locally owned, charitable, not-for-profit integrated health network. Being not-for-profit means that all of our income stays here — and is reinvested in programs, people and equipment to improve the health of our community.

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  1. Does Renown still do this? Is this only offered for patients who are part of Renown’s Medicare Advantage plans? My mom has Renown doctors but has Original Medicare and a supplement.
    • Hi Andrea, Thank you for your question and for reading BestMedicine. Patients don’t sign up for or request Uber Health. Our Hospital Care Management/Care Coordination Department assesses all patients who enter the hospital to determine Uber Health needs.
    • Thank you for your excellent question. Renown Health pays for this service to eliminate transportation barriers for patients in need, so they may have access to primary care appointments, follow-up care visits and receive a safe ride home after being discharged from the hospital.
  2. Uber Health is HIPAA compliant and setting the stage for more proactive medical care. This is an amazing opportunity to help our community and patients receive the most appropriate level of care in a timely manner.
    • Amy, thank you for your feedback! We are excited to offer this service for our patients. In good health, Roseann