Showing LOVE For Our Community


During unprecedented times like these, we all experience a roller coaster of emotions. Seeing a powerful work of art can help us through this uncertainty, reminding us that there is hope. For this reason, Artown is partnering with Renown Health to bring the “LOVE” sculpture to Renown’s main campus.

About the LOVE Sculpture

The “LOVE” sculpture, a one-ton, welded aluminum artwork with10 foot tall letters. Designed by visionary artist Laura Kimpton and built by internationally known artist Jeff Schomberg, brings a powerful message to healthcare workers, patients and our community.

“The overall footprint of the sculpture is 40-feet long by 4-feet deep,” says artist Jeff Schomberg, who has collaborated with artist/designer Laura Kimpton, to create 18 letter-based sculptures—including the popular “BELIEVE” piece at Civic Center Plaza in downtown Reno and the “HOME” sculpture for the Reno Aces at Greater Nevada Field. Each letter in the “LOVE” sculpture took Schomberg three to four weeks to build, and the piece takes on an added dimension when illuminated. “The sculpture is lit from within with color changing LED lights. The combination of the LEDs and the aluminum produce(s) a unique look at night,” Schomberg states.

Connecting Through Art

Dr. Tony Slonim, president and CEO of Renown says, “I have so much respect for artists like Laura and Jeff, and the way they connect with people through their art. Creating and installing this LOVE sculpture is an act of love they are doing for others. Caring for others and their emotions is also an art. I am inspired by the many passionate caregivers today practicing the art of medicine with patients within the walls of our hospitals, practices and homes. I know this work of art will inspire them.”

He adds, “My appreciation goes out to all who helped bring this LOVE sculpture and bright light into our world. Art has been an inspiration to me for a long time and I hope that its beauty helps to bring inspiration and comfort to everyone who gets a chance to see it.”

The installation of the “LOVE” sculpture was funded by generous donors and the Renown Health Foundation. Visible to cars and pedestrians, the art sculpture will be on display from April 16-July 16 at Renown’s Regional Medical Center, located at 1155 Mill Street, Reno.