Quest House Helps Teen Girls with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders


Teen girls struggling with addiction and mental health problems have a new resource: Quest House, a residential treatment center. Renown Health has partnered with Quest Counseling to provide support.

“The staff is really cool. They can relate. And whenever we have issues at school, or with life at home, they’re always there to talk.” 

These are the words of a Quest House client — a local teen dealing with a dual diagnosis in substance abuse and mental health disorders. This client and others like her now have access to a home where they receive inpatient therapy and lifestyle education.

This Quest House, recently opened by Quest Counseling, can house up to six girls ages 13 to 17 years old. They receive services for up to 90 days. The girls attend public school and counseling sessions, they and also learn routines like preparing meals, exercising and other life skills training.

Renown Assists Quest House

As part of Renown Health’s plan to improve the health of our community, the healthcare system partnered with Quest Counseling to provide support for things such as a van, which transports the girls from the home to school and programs.

“Before this home opened, girls who struggled with substance abuse were sent out-of-state or to facilities that were not appropriate for them,” said Quest House Therapist Ana de la Maza, MA, MFT-1, CADC-1. “The van has been really helpful in assisting us, again providing a routine for these girls.” 

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