Miss USA Brings Cheer to Renown Children’s Hospital


Before being crowned Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers completed her clinical rotations to become a Certified Child Life Specialist. Now, she’s using that gift, plus her platform as Miss USA, to visit children, bringing joy when they are in the hospital.

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers may often get dressed up to go to fancy events around the world, but one thing she always tries to make time for is a visit to the local children’s hospital. Her latest stop? Renown Children’s Hospital.

During the whirlwind of a year Sarah has had representing the Miss Universe organization, she has not forgotten her roots. Diagnosed with an acute illness at five-years-old, Sarah remembers the feelings of being hospitalized and knew from them on she would like to work with children in the hospital. 

“Before I won Miss USA, I became a Child Life Specialist,” says Summers. “So one of my goals this year when I’ve been traveling domestically and internationally as Miss USA, is that I’ve tried to hit at least one hospital in every town that I’m in.”

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Her recent visit to Renown Children’s Hospital excited and inspired our community’s youngest patients. 

“I’ve been able to take the experience of being crowned Miss USA and speak to others about the fact that if you have a dream somewhere in the back of your brain and you’ve never even spoken it into existence because you think it might be unattainable, to go ahead and chase it anyway.”


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Child Life Specialists help young patients develop ways to cope with the anxiety, fear and also separation that often accompany the hospital experience. In addition, they offer tours of Renown Children’s Hospital for families whose children are scheduled to have surgery.

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