A Longtime Doctor Gives Back in a Big Way

A Longtime Doctor Gives Back in a Big Way

For decades, Steve Missall, M.D., cared for infants as a neonatologist in Reno. While he has been retired for two years, he wanted to give back to the community in which he worked.

A Longtime Doctor Gives Back in a Big Way
Dr. Steve Missall and his wife, Lucia, recently gave a major donation to the Renown Health Foundation and its future Estelle J. Kelsey Simulation Lab.

That’s where Renown Health Foundation comes in.

Dr. Missall and his wife, Lucia, recently made a major donation to the foundation to help build the new Estelle J. Kelsey Simulation Lab at Renown Regional Medical Center.

“I felt a need to try and return some of the good things that came to me back to the community,” says Dr. Missall. “Being a physician was a rewarding career for me, and I received just as much or more than I gave to it. So, it’s good to give back for the goodwill of everyone.”

In the past, Dr. Missal and Lucia have supported international causes such as Doctors Without Borders and the Sierra Club. Their gift to the local lab will help provide a safe learning environment for nurses, physicians and students. It will also be used by University of Nevada School of Medicine and Orvis School of Nursing students, who will train side-by-side with professional staff at Renown.

The lab will feature manikins, such as SimMom and SimBaby, that can be programmed for a variety of healthcare scenarios that a nurse or physician may encounter. For instance, the SimMom is an advanced birthing simulator, while SimBaby can simulate everything from routine neonatal care to emergencies such as airway obstruction or defibrillation.

Dr. Missall believes that education is a very important part of the continued success of Renown Children’s Hospital — a unit he was impressed with during his time in practice.

A Longtime Doctor Gives Back in a Big Way
The SimBaby gives medical students, employees and physicians a real-time, adjustable teaching tool for a variety of different conditions that might take place during a neonatal emergency. (Photo courtesy of Laerdal Medical)

“Renown has a very successful and high-class intensive care nursery,” he adds. “It’s equal to any other place in the country. It’s a great program supported by the administration and tremendously supported by the nurses and the respiratory therapists in the unit. They really make things run at their best.”

The Missalls are among several community members who have given to Renown in many ways, from large donations to volunteer work. He believes donations are an important part of being a good citizen.

“I think we are all obligated to support our community if we have the ability to do that,” he says.


  1. Thank you Dr. Missall!! All of us in the NICU, are so grateful for this gift that will help us to become even better nurses!! We miss you!