Healthy Nevada Project: Share Your Genetic Testing Story with Us


As the Healthy Nevada Project continues on its way to 50,000 study participants, we are looking for people who discovered something about their health through genetic testing that has changed their lives.

From the beginning, our focus with the Healthy Nevada Project has been to deliver personalized health data to our communities that will ultimately drive positive change for our state. We’d like to hear from you. What insights have you garnered? Did you discover something about your health that changed your life?

Maybe you found out you are at an increased risk for disease, like Danny talks about in the above video. Or perhaps you received information, like Caroline, which changed how you eat to help you live a healthier life. Or just maybe you and your physician found a diagnosis for what seemed to be a mystery disease, like Heather.


If so, please share your story with us. As a participant in the Healthy Nevada Project, we’d like to extend this unique opportunity to you. No story is too big or too small to share.

It’s Your Turn!

Share Your DNA Health Story


  1. I took my DNA test on March 30th, 2018, and received a notice that my DNA was sequence. I did receive ancestry information, however I was looking forward to any genetic information my sequencing would provide, especially for Dementia or Alzheimer's in addition to the braca. I have not received any genetic information. Will I be getting any genetic information?
    • Hi Rae, thank you for your comment. We will be releasing health reports for BRCA 1and 2, Lynch Syndrome and Familial Hypercholesterolemia initially. These reports will be released in the near future as we have now started to contact participants. We have only started to release these results and have not yet notified every participants. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us by calling us at 775-982-6914.
  2. I have had the same experience and almost every one else. I did receive my DNA results with the Geno 2.0. Do we receive health information as well?
  3. Ashlynne and Brooke - I will be sending you some contact info to help answer your concerns. Thanks very much for letting us know about your experience.
  4. I got my Geno 2.0 results through but nothing else. I have checked about every week for any updates but still nothing. It has been a while since anything has come though as is, other than offering things for me to buy.
  5. I was tested April 13 and have received my ancestry information from National Geo, but have not received any health related information. Does it take longer than four months do get it? I seem to be receiving the same thing as Brittany.
  6. I was notified by Helix that my specimen had been sequenced and relevant parts sent to National Geographic for my Geno 2.0. I was able to access that information. I have never received any results from Helix and feel the same way Brittany does that every email from Helix only wants me to buy something. Is the Geno 2.0 the only DNA results I will receive? I thought there would be a lot more about me personally. I would appreciate any insight you can provide. Thank you!
  7. I still haven't received my results and have reached out one other time, my husband and son also participated. I also feel like every email from Helix just wants me to buy something. Is there any way you could help us get the information we were trying to get from this.
    • Brittany, thank you for letting us know about your experience with the Healthy Nevada Project. I'm going to send you some contact info so you can also communicate this directly to folks in charge of the Healthy Nevada Project.