Upcoming Blood Drive Builds Reserves for Local Community

blood drive

Interested in donating blood — blood that ultimately could help you or a loved one right here at home? Join us Dec. 27 and 28 for a blood drive with Renown Health. Here are details, and what Renown’s blood management program means to all of us.

The period between Christmas and the New Year is typically a quiet time dedicated to family and friends. What better time to donate blood through a Renown Health drive that will ultimately supply blood for this very community?

“We just really want to encourage people to get out and donate blood,” says Taylor Noyes, Clinical Laboratory Manager for Renown Health. “The December drive is always the lowest turnout because of the holidays and vacation, and unfortunately they are predicting the nation’s blood supply will be seasonably low though the end of January.” 

The two-day drive is happening at various Renown locations throughout town, and through a partnership with Vitalant (formerly United Blood Services), the blood collected will benefit locals. 

“The blood that is collected in house is packaged and sent over to Northern California to be processed and tested,” Noyes says. “Then as we have need for stock or special circumstances, we order blood and it is sent back to us.”

Blood Drive Benefits Patient Blood Management Program

The drive benefits Renown’s patient blood management program. This is a research-based approach to the care of patients at risk for blood transfusions. The program’s primary goals: to avoid unnecessary transfusion and increase safety, education and awareness surrounding necessary transfusions.


“The idea behind a blood management program is based in multiple published studies/journal articles that show that while blood transfusions can be lifesaving in patients who need them, transfusions can be harmful to patients that don’t really need them,” Noyes says. “Because of this evidence, we have created a program where the main goal is to optimize transfusion by many different means. By doing this, we are also helping by being good stewards of the blood supply.”

Noyes adds that the blood management program is a positive and patient-centered initiative that is focused on better health outcomes. 

“Not only are we promoting and encouraging people to donate blood through our blood drives, but our patient blood management program at Renown also ensures donated blood goes to those who really need it.”

Why Contribute to a Blood Drive? 

Last year’s Renown blood drives, Noyes notes, collected just under 800 units of blood. However, throughout the year, Renown Health Systems transfused over 12,000 blood units, showing a clear need for donation. 

“Blood need doesn’t go on vacation or get a day off,” Noyes adds. “Our outpatient infusion center sees patients and transfuses blood 365 days a year.” 

For information about Renown’s blood drive, including dates, times, and locations, visit bloodhero.com and use the sponsor code “Renown” for all Renown locations. You can also see the dates, times and locations on renown.org. All donors will receive a free movie ticket or a $5 Amazon gift card. If donors do a double red cell donation, they can get an additional movie ticket or gift card.

Drop-ins are welcome. Questions about donating? Call 775-785-6644