Artificial Intelligence’s Role in the Healthy Nevada Project

Healthy NV Project

Watch a video and learn more about how AI is improving lives of northern Nevadans through the Healthy Nevada Project.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the reality is that it’s changing lives right here in northern Nevada through the Healthy Nevada Project, one of the first community-based population health studies in the U.S.

The goal of Healthy Nevada Project, developed by Renown Institute for Health Innovation (Renown IHI), is to gain new insight into population health and enable personalized health care while improving the health and well-being of entire communities in Nevada.

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And the Project is already having a huge impact on the lives of people in our community thanks to investigators, researchers, experts in environmental data, geneticists, care providers and AI.

So what role does AI play in the Healthy Nevada Project?

We know that clinical care is only responsible for about 20 percent of people’s overall health, which means that 80 percent of our health comes from other factors, such as our environment, our genetics and our social determinants. 

To see exactly how those other factors come into play, data scientists apply AI capabilities to the DNA results. This forms connections between participant genetic information and varying environmental factors, such as air and water quality, to see who might be predisposed to certain conditions. This could allow analysts, for example, to identify people prone to breathing problems and notify them to stay indoors when air quality is poor.

Healthy Nevada Project

Renown Health and DRI launched the Healthy Nevada Project on September 15, 2016. This comprehensive approach to improving population health is focused on integrating personal healthcare and environmental data with socioeconomic determinants to help Nevada address some of its most complex environmental health problems. This study is helping DRI, Renown Health and Nevadans begin to understand how environmental factors and genetics can help predict who may be at risk, allow for quicker diagnoses, and encourage the development of more precise healthcare treatments.

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