Welcome, Baby New Year! Reno’s First Baby of 2016 Celebrated at Renown

baby new year

The New Year started with a birth for longtime Reno residents. First-time parents Shannon Freshour and Kevin Harris celebrated the start of their new family in the early hours of Jan. 1.

Kevin Harris calls his newborn daughter, Adalie, “our little star.” The reason: She was the first baby of the New Year in Reno and became quite the media star for her first day on earth.

After 20 hours of labor, Shannon Freshour, 32, gave birth to Adalie Rae Harris at Renown, with Kevin there the entire time. She was born at 2:02 a.m. on Jan. 1., weighing 7 pounds and 8½ ounces.

“I’m ecstatic,” Shannon said, “and also relieved.”

Shannon, a casino bartender, and Kevin, an auto mechanic, are longtime Reno residents. They had been trying for three years to start a family and were looking forward to Adalie’s original due date, which was just a bit later than New Year’s Day.

Baby New Year Made Early Arrival

“I was supposed to be induced on Monday (Jan. 4), but this little lady wanted to come out,” Shannon said as she cradled Adalie, a name that just “popped into my head one day,” she also said. Rae is the name of Shannon’s late grandmother.

Shannon and Kevin said there were moments during labor where they were stressed. There were complications with the baby’s heart rate, and Shannon eventually needed an emergency C-section. They both praised Dr. Myron Bethel, OB/GYN with Renown Medical Group Women’s Health, for his demeanor and skill during labor and delivery.

“The pain was more intense that I thought it would be,” Shannon confides. “But, other than that, it went how I thought it was going to be. Everyone here has been great.”

Kevin and Shannon both had the same exact words for what they thought when they finally saw Adalie for the first time on New Year’s Day: “She’s beautiful.”

Nurses and staff enjoy welcoming the first baby of the year as well. They presented the family with a basket of goodies from The Lactation Connection at Renown.

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 from our Renown family to the Freshour-Harris family — and all Reno families in the New Year!