Three Tips to Working and Breastfeeding


The thought, or decision, to go back to work after having a baby can not only be an emotional one but if you’re still breastfeeding, it can also be nerve-wracking.

Here are three tips to help you be successful when you return to the job:
Tips to breastfeeding and working
1. Get baby ready – Since you’ll be at work, your baby will be drinking from a bottle, so be sure to practice with him/her before you head back to the office.

Once you are working again, nurse your baby at home before you leave for work (even if you have to wake them up!) and as soon as you return home. This is a great way for you to bond with your baby after a long day on the job and will keep your milk supply strong.

2. Visit the office – Before you go back to work, go check out your work environment. Chances are you probably didn’t think about pumping at work before baby’s arrival. Ask about a dedicated lactation room or a private area where you can be comfortable. Other things to look for or questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there a lock on the door? You may want to make a sign to put on the door.
  • Is there a table and chair? If not, move some furniture around to be as comfortable as possible. Also, check for a power outlet if one is needed for your pump.
  • Is there a sink? If there’s nowhere to wash your hands or pumping supplies, then be sure you know where the closest bathroom or sink is.
  • Where will you store your milk? Determine where you will store your milk at the office – an icebox, refrigerator, etc.

3. Do inventory – You might have to go shopping to be sure you have all the supplies you need to pump at work, such as:

  • Reliable breast pump and spare parts
  • Pump bag
  • Extra nursing pads
  • Cleaning supplies (to clean pump parts)
  • Milk storage items

If you have any questions about pumping or returning to work, call The Lactation Connection at 775-982-5210.