Sleepovers: We Double Dog Dare You to Try These Kid-Friendly Recipes

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Next time you host a sleepover, forego the junk food and dazzle the kids with snacks that are easy on the taste buds and good for them too.

Kids love sleepovers. But unfortunately this favorite activity among children generally goes hand in hand with unhealthy snacks like salty potato chips, greasy pizza and sugary soda. recipes

Yes, indulging children with those unhealthy yet preferred treats will, inevitably, catapult you to popular-parent status. But an all-night, junk food frenzy doesn’t help those youngsters create and maintain healthy eating habits.  

Renown nutrition expert Stephen Compston, RD, LD Outpatient Dietary Educator, weighs in on the topic with a poignant reminder about the importance of healthy sleepover snacks.

Sleepover Recipes: Tasty Treats Can be Nutritious & Delicious

Let’s face it: Not only are sleepovers an important part of growing up, but they can create wonderful memories your kids are sure to reflect on later in life. Free from the stresses of schedules and school, sleepovers are a wonderful opportunity for kids to socialize, learn how to follow rules and respect others’ homes — all in a safe environment.

And fun snacks are a crucial element to any sleepover. Why not keep them healthy?

“One big reason why it is a good idea to offer kids a different, healthier  kind of snack is because you are making choices for someone else’s child, not just your own,” notes Stephen. “Good nutrition is not something that anyone would complain about. You could also be introducing someone to a whole new food they have never had before, which is always exciting.”

In today’s world, healthy food does not have to equal boring and bland. Don’t be afraid to get creative. “Engaging the kids in a fun activity, like making their own snacks, will also help them improve their nutritional status.”

So give it a try the next time you host a sleepover. We’ve provided some healthy, nutritious and delicious ideas for breakfast and dinner that are sure to be crowd pleasers for kids of any age.