Watch: Mom Meets Son’s Organ Recipient After 17 Years


Losing her oldest son to a go-kart accident on his 12th birthday, Kathe Wilson turned unspeakable tragedy into giving life to others through organ donation. While at Renown Regional Medical Center, the family donated his heart, liver, kidney and pancreas through Donor Network West.

“It was a way to take a really horrendous situation and feel like there is something really positive,” says Kathe Wilson, mother of organ donor Gabe Sorrentino.

Seventeen years later, Kathe got to meet the mom who survived a chronic liver disease by receiving Gabe’s liver.

“I just feel so honored to carry a part of him in me,” says liver transplant recipient Debbie Pinjuv. “That’s who saved my life and that’s who keeps my life going.”


  1. Kathe, I'm so proud of you and how you have risen above the tragedy of this to make sure Gabe lives on and contributes to the wonder of others. Imagine how many lives the people who are carrying GABE touch... exponentially adding magic to so many. You are a strong woman and have found the best that can come from the worst that can happen. That's evolution. Love you, lynn
    • Words cannot express the gratitude I felt in meeting Deb, the recipient of his Gift. She is a beautiful person and so very filled with love. 17 years later, I feel so much healing in knowing this has been so very special for her and her family. When she speaks of Gabe (and never even knew his name!), she has his 'essence' down perfectly. He has been such an integral part of her life, even in non-physical form. I feel very fortunate in knowing that other people are meeting Gabe, even after he passed! Amazing! ❤️
  2. I donated a kidney to my brother 10 years ago because I love him. I was so touched when my sister-in-law sent me a thank you note - for giving "back" her husband to her and her father to his daughter. I had not realized how one simple decision would create such a joyous ripple effect! Letting go can be scary or sad, but the result of organ donation is amazing!!
  3. So happy to see this in our community. I share a similar story and am so happy to see other's promoting organ donation.