Nurses Reunite with NICU Babies During Annual Picnic


The Renown Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) recently held its annual Graduation Picnic at Pickett Park to reunite with the babies they’ve cared for over the past 12 months. It’s an event that both staff and families look forward to attending every year.

The NICU: A Second Home for Many Northern Nevadans

They babies and children came in all sizes with their families to visit with the nurses who took care of them during a critical time in their lives. The event continue grow in attendance, which means there’s only more love and affection to spread around.

Picnic Organizer and NICU Transport Nurse Melissa Forry, RN, bubbles, “It’s great to have that moment when you say ‘they’ve gotten so big’. Lots of hugs and tears, and photo opportunities. It’s a fun time.”

About Renown’s NICU

Renown’s Neonatal ICU is a 39-bed, intensive care unit created specifically for sick newborns who need specialized treatment. Babies are cared for in state-of-the-art Giraffe OmniBeds, which are specialized incubators and infant warmers all-in-one, reducing stress on baby.

The Neonatal Transport Team brings infants with serious illnesses, injuries or complications to Renown Children’s Hospital from outlying communities within a 200-mile radius of Reno. Ambulances and fixed-wing aircrafts equipped like mini-hospitals take the team to rural areas to begin treatment and bring the child to the safety, comfort and expert care within Renown’s NICU.

Renown has about 200 NICU “graduates” every year — though throughout the hospital, almost 4,200 babies are born annually. Renown is the region’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Melissa says the oldest child to come to this year’s annual picnic is 16. The nurses care for babies in the NICU for days to several months before the infants can go home.

For more information: Renown Neonatal ICU.