Nighttime Bed Wetting — More Common Than You Think

Nighttime Bed Wetting

Contributed by Chelsea Wicks, M.D.

Nighttime Bed Wetting - More Common Than You Think
Nighttime bed wetting is more common than you might think, even among school-aged children. So don’t be overly concerned if your child is taking a bit longer to nighttime potty train,  and always remember that it’s not their fault.

If nighttime bed wetting is an issue for your child, not to worry — many children contend with the same problem. While there is no one solution that works for every child, Chelsea Wicks, MD, offers a few ideas to help expedite the nighttime potty training process.

Potty training seems like one of the greatest accomplishments for all parents. But there are a few kiddos who just can’t seem to make it through the night right away and this can often cause distress among the family.

It’s Normal: Some Babies and Even School-Aged Children struggle with Nighttime Bed Wetting

Nighttime bed wetting is usually very normal for toddlers and some school aged children! There are many reasons why some kids are able to have full control during the day but not at night. The most common theories are that they either just have such small bladders they can’t hold the urine for such long periods at night or they are such deep sleepers that they are not awakened from with the sensation of having to urinate.

There are a few things that can be done that may help expedite the process of nighttime potty training. For some reason there seems to be a subconscious response to positive reinforcement. For example, setting up a sticker chart for every morning they wake up dry, or providing some small token as a reward can be very beneficial.  It is important to focus on the positive nights and not dwell on the bad nights. Remember it is not their fault.

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