Resolutions for Breastfeeding Moms


Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Many people like to start the new year by making some positive changes in their lives, including resolving  to lead a healthier life. If you are pregnant or nursing, what are some of the breastfeeding resolutions that you can make?


Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are pregnant, research the benefits of breastfeeding; talk to friends, your doctor or a lactation consultant.
  • If you are already breastfeeding, think about breastfeeding longer than you had planned.
  • Find help if you need it. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, but there is help. Call your doctor or a lactation consultant to answer your questions. Consider joining a support group or class.
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Get a little exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can have major health benefits.
  • Lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Commit to sleeping when your baby sleeps. Being rested is important and often overlooked as a necessity by new moms.