Miracle Month of May

Don’t delay school attendance for your children. Make sure their immunization records are up to date before classes start next month.

Miracle Month of May is just around the corner, where communities all over the country will help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

All the Children's Miracle Networkmoney raised locally stays in northern Nevada and helps kids here at Renown Children’s Hospital. This kind of fundraising allows Renown to offer services that families would otherwise have to drive hours to receive. This is especially important for children who need to come in regularly.
There are lots of ways that you can help enhance local care at Renown Children’s Hospital during Miracle Month of May.

Purchase a Balloon
Businesses all over town will be asking for donations over the next couple weeks. Donating is as simple as adding $1 to your bill. Look for Children’s Miracle Network Balloons at retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Rite-Aid, and Costco.

Join an Event
There are a variety of events during May and June that will donate a portion of their proceeds to CMNH.
• May 12 – L’uva Belle Wine Gallery Wine Walk. $5 of the $20 ticket will go to CMNH.
• June 11 – Walmart Golf Tournament
• June 16, 19 – Walmart Bowling Tournament

Donate Online
If you would like to donate directly to Renown Children’s Hospital, you can visit the donation page and select “Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals” as who you would like to help.

Visit renown.org/ChildrensMiracleNetwork for a full list of events and ways you can help.