‘She’s a Miracle — She Truly Is’: Micro-Preemie Thrives After NICU Treatment


Here’s the story of Naomi Bakker, who was born at about 12 ounces — and proved to be a miracle. After abundant care and also the love of her family, this former micro-preemie is now a thriving little girl. 

She was one of the smallest babies ever cared for in the Renown Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU): Naomi Bakker weighed about 12 ounces when she born prematurely. Despite the odds against surviving, the doctor got a tiny breathing tube down Naomi’s throat to keep her alive.

Doctors diagnosed Naomi’s mom, Angela Bakker, with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) at 23 weeks. This condition results in a defective placenta, which caused her daughter to stop being fed in the womb.

Slipping into preeclampsia, Angela had to deliver Naomi on July 1, 2015, at Renown Health. Naomi spent 142 days in the NICU.

Early Beginnings as a Micro-Preemie

“One of the things I give Renown a lot of credit for is that they let me hold her,” says Bakker. “They actually made me hold her early on. There’s so much research behind Kangaroo Care, skin-to-skin with the mother, and a lot of hospitals would never have let me hold a baby that frail. Our doctor was adamant that she needed to be held because she was receiving a lot of negative touch.

“I remember texting my girlfriend and saying, ‘Today I held a miracle,” adds Bakker. Today Naomi shows few signs of her premature birth.

She is even learning to swim. This fact alone is remarkable considering she had oxygen for nearly the first year of her life and still has weakened lungs.

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  1. A special miracle from God above with help from the special staff from the Renown Hospital staff. So very happy that she is doing well and without massive disabilities. Naomi should go forth and do very big things with her life!!