While at MEGA Body, Also Take a Look at the “Inside Out” Anatomy Exhibit


There’s been some buzz around MEGA Body, the exhibit that Renown Children’s Hospital is bringing to the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum Labor Day weekend, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. While at the museum, check out another interactive anatomy exhibit about “an amazing biological machine” you use every day. 

Did you know goosebumps happen when tiny muscles pull hairs upright? Or that an adult bone can be stronger than some steel? 

Have you ever successfully moved a ball across a table with the power of your mind?

These are just a few of the inspiring, incredible and science-based wonders featured in The Discovery’s exhibit, “Inside Out: An Anatomy Experience.” anatomy

“People don’t fully understand this amazing biological machine they’re walking around in every day called the human body,” say Mat Sinclair, Executive Director of The Discovery. “We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our visitors to what is this thing we call the human body, how does it work, what are some cool things about it and why does that matter?”

Colorful, Creative Anatomy Experience

“Inside Out” offers a variety of interactive exhibits for all ages — including the brain, heart, skeleton and eyes — and teaches children in a fun and explorative way about what goes on inside the body.