Bold & Brave: Leukemia Patient Reclaims Pre-Diagnosis Life


Leukemia patient Dylan Strouse has endured necessary treatment that kept him out of school and off his bike. But now, he is returning to his pre-diagnosis ways and is expected to lead a healthy, full life. 

In January 2017, 10-year-old Dylan Strouse received a terrifying diagnosis: leukemia.

His doctor, Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist Jacob Zucker, MD, had recently joined Renown Children’s Hospital. He made the decision to treat him locally. 

“Honestly, keeping it close to home was probably the best part of it, not having to leave the city,” says Dylan’s mom, Lindsey Strouse.

But because of certain medications as part of his treatment plan, he has often had to stay home and avoid outdoor activities.


While Dylan is now in the maintenance phase of his therapy, Dr. Zucker says this means “…he’ll have a lot less restrictions than were placed on him originally early on in his therapy. He can get back to a lot of the activities he enjoyed.”

From Surviving Leukemia to Thriving

Zucker believes that once his therapy is finally complete, Dylan will have the same full life everyone expected him to have pre-diagnosis.

“I always feel that when Dr. Zucker is caring for him, he is in really good hands,” says Lindsey Strouse.


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