Renown Labor and Delivery Nurse’s Dedication Doesn’t go Unnoticed


Renown Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse April Tucker is no stranger to recognition for her exceptional work at Renown Regional Medical Center.

She’s been named Employee of the Month twice, racked up a staggering 10 nominations for the DAISY Award along with a win and earned a much-deserved win in the Northern Nevada Nurse of Achievement maternal/child category in 2013.

Get to know April and discover the why she loves Renown, the best part of her job and her favorite moment as a nurse.


  1. April was our delivery nurse for our daughter on May 30th. She was the nicest and best nurse. She was with us for her whole 12 hour shift and helped get our daughter here safely. She had to deliver our daughter because the doctor didn't make it to the room in time. She was the most efficient and helpful nurse. We couldn't have had a better experience. She told us she would have our daughter here by the end of her shift, and she did it. Wife was induced at 7am and our daughter was here at 630pm. The upmost respect for April. She is absolutely deserving of all and any awards presented to her. Congratulations and a resounding 'Thank You!'
  2. April helped deliver my son when I was 18 years old. Her compassion inspired me to become a nurse myself. Thank you April, you helped change my life.
  3. I am so proud to have April as a Labor & Delivery RN at Renown Regional. She is absolutely amazing!
  4. I can't say enough about April. Having had her as our nurse during our darkest moments, and our brightest, She really shined. She has made a lasting impression on our family. Thank you so very much.
  5. April Tucker has been a long time friend of mine and mentor to my daughter!! What a joy it is to see her being recognized for all of her love and dedication to others. This is the perfect profession for her as I'm sure anyone that knows her would agree. She is one of the most incredible women I have the honor of calling "friend"..... Congrats April!!!