Meet the Pediatrician: Dr. Kristin Wilson

Kristin Wilson

Here’s another in our regular feature called “Meet the Pediatrician” — this time, a Q&A with Kristin Wilson, MD. 

Finding a pediatrician can be a daunting task. But choosing someone to care for your child is easier when you have a feeling for the pediatrician’s background, philosophy and interests. 

To that end, we’re bringing you Q&As with local pediatricians. Read on to learn more about Dr. Wilson. 

Meet the Pediatrician: Dr. Kristin L. Wilson

  1. What attracted you to the specialty of pediatrics?

Pediatrics provides a unique chance to positively impact a child and family’s life like no other specialty. We work to lay the foundation of a healthy lifestyle into adulthood, preserve optimism and vitality, and advocate for those who oftentimes don’t have a voice. Also, the rewards of hugs, drawings and little smiles are pretty great too!

2. What did you do before joining the Renown pediatrics team, and what made you decide to move to Reno?

Prior to joining the Renown Pediatrics Team, I was a rural pediatrician at Mammoth Hospital in Mono County, Calif. This was a true labor of love, and I adored the community I served for seven years.

My husband and I ultimately decided to move to Reno as it provided all the beauty of and access to the Eastern Sierra as well as providing opportunities to our family unique to this area. There isn’t one day that we’ve regretted this move. Reno is Amazing!

3. What is your childcare philosophy?

Teamwork. Parents, pediatricians and also children all have the same goal in mind — a healthy child. We should all work together, taking into consideration every family’s special circumstances for this precious goal.

4. Tell us about a memorable patient moment.

During my residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, I had a very tough night of critically ill children. Exhausted physically, mentally and also emotionally, I walked to the office on the Oncology floor for rounds.

From around the corner, a flurry of about ten 3-5 year-old children in superhero costumes came running towards me as I was passing the child life rec room. These children were battling cancer. They were wielding IV poles and also walkers, with smiles gleaming. Some of them hadn’t been out of the hospital in months due to their treatments. But today was music day in the rec room, so these tiny super heroes were going to jam!

At that moment, I realized why pediatric medicine is so important and truly special.

4. Do you have children? If so, what perspective does it give you?

Yes. I have two bright, funny young children. Being a “Momma Doc” allows for more empathy and also practicality to therapeutic planning.

5. What’s the best part of your working day?

Honestly, I enjoy most of it. I suppose my favorite part of the day is walking through the door and being greeted by our lovely staff. I also love hugs and high fives from patients and their parents.

6. What do you do for fun on your time off?

I enjoy the outdoors. If it’s a nice day (and in Reno it usually is), then you’ll find me on a trail hiking, skiing or snowboarding, or walking our dogs with my family.


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