Get Playful – Indoor Summer Activities for Your Kids

summer activities

Ordinarily we think of outdoor summer activities with the kids. Swimming, hiking and riding bikes are all on the list because of the nice weather. What about those days when you want to beat the heat, but still keep your child active? Of course you can always go to a movie, the local children’s museum or planetarium, but what if it’s too hot to leave the house? Below are a few indoor summer activities to keep your child engaged.

1. Dance it Out

On the positive side children are bundles of energy. With this in mind, turn on your child’s favorite music station, roll up the carpet and dance it out.

2. Paint Pictures

Above all, kids love to use their imagination. Why not gather up some paint brushes and some colorful paints to let your child create a masterpiece.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Whenever children go on a scavenger hunt it’s a mini adventure. First, gather some of your child’s favorite items. Then hide them around the house, giving them clues to help them find them. This is  an indoor activity sure to spark fun. They may not even notice they are inside.

4. Balloon Toss

Granted most kids love balloons. Tossing balloons into the air and having your child keep them up in the air without having them touch the floor is an active energy burner.

5. Science Experiments

In case you have a budding scientist at home, choose a Science experiment to spark their imaginative spirit. Making water bottle lava lamps or frozen slime are terrific indoor STEM activitities.

6. Arts and Crafts

Of course arts and crafts can be all sorts of activities. From scrapbooks with their favorite photos to crafts from household items.

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7. Indoor Bowling

Bowling is an awesome way to spend time, but doing it in the comfort of your own home is unexpected. You can purchase an indoor bowling set for around twenty dollars, or create your own game with household items.

8. Board Games

Because of the limitless options, board games are another favorite indoor activity. Your child can learn vital social skills like learning to wait for their turn, as well as memory formation and problem-solving skills. Besides this, they are also fun and engaging.

9. Stage a Puppet Show

Puppet shows are fun and creative. Making sock puppets or hand people can really spark a day of spectacular imagination.

10. Karaoke concert

A karaoke concert is the ultimate indoor activity. Singing certainly gets you in the groove of having a great time with your family and building memories.

As shown above, indoor summer activities with your family can be fun and engaging. By all means get outside this summer, but remember there are plenty of amazing activities you can in enjoy without even leaving your home.

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