5 Important Child Safety Tips

Five Important Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping your young kids safe is Priority No. 1. Empower them. Teach your children what to do in emergency and potentially dangerous situations.

Child Safety Tips for Parents of Younger Children

1. Post important personal and contact information in a central place in your home.

  • The list should include parents’ names, street address, cell, home and work phone numbers, 911, poison control, fire department, police department and helpful neighbors, friends and/or relatives. Be sure to also include doctor’s names and any known allergies or illnesses.

2. Teach your child how and when to call 911.

    • Discuss specifics of what an emergency is and when to call 911.
    • Make sure kids know what information to give to the 911 operator.
    • For younger kids, discuss the different roles of emergency workers and what they do.

3. Talk about “stranger danger.”

  • Have a talk with your kids about who is allowed to pick them up from school or activities.
  • Discuss the importance of walking in pairs.
  • Be sure they always take the same route home from school and do not take short cuts.

4.  Practice street safety.

    • Have children practice looking both ways before crossing into the street, show them how to use the crosswalk and obey the walk/don’t walk signals.
    • Teach kids what road signs mean, such as a yield sign.
    • Remind children about the importance of wearing a helmet with bike riding.

5. Talk to your children about fire safety.

  • Have a family meeting and plan and practice escape routes in your home. Be sure to designate a meeting spot in case you get separated.

For more safety tips, visit SafeKids.orgReady.gov and Save Your Skull.