Grandparents Learn the Best New Ways to Keep Baby Safe


Joining the grandparent squad? According to the AARP, 96% of Americans are grandparents by age 65. Grand-parenting can be complex with new ways of keeping babies safe, such as “Back to Sleep.”

Prospective grandparents many need a refresher course to improve their infant care skills. A newborn tune-up is nothing to feel bad about. Babies haven’t changed, but our knowledge about them has. Grand-parenting is different than parenting. Remember to keep the dialog open by communicating with the expectant parents. Find out what their wishes are when it comes to pitching in to help with a new infant. It may be challenging to play the role of the grandparent when what’s worked years ago may not work today.

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Today’s parents are information savvy and it’s best if grandparents learn how to play a supporting role.  For eager grandparents it may be hard to take a step back.  Recognize your knowledge and expertise on child-raising will be sought, just not all at once. Fortunately a grand parent class can help grandparents stay current on baby care breakthroughs and get their bearings in diaper land.

Boundaries for Grandparents

Understandably grandparents want to see their grand baby at the very first possible moment and may feel they should be invited or asked to attend the birth. With this is mind, birth is a very individual experience. Taking a grandparent class can help sort out boundaries and other challenges as the baby grows. Expressing your concerns as a grandparent is understandable, but remember this: it’s all about being constructive and compromising.

The role of the grandparent is to leave loving memories with your grandchild, support them and also be a role model. Consider taking a grandparents’ class to learn some great advice starting with the birth itself and how to keep your new bundle of joy happy and healthy.

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Becoming A Grandparent

Renown’s Childbirth and Education department has the skill and expertise, along with a caring and friendly environment, to ease your grandparent experience. To learn more click the link below to register for a grandparent class