Expecting Twins? Prepare Now

Getting ready for twins

Caring for one newborn is no easy task, but try breastfeeding two. If you’re having twins and planning to nurse, now’s the time to get ready. And we have a few ideas to help you prepare for the your pending bundles of joy.

New mothers know that breastfeeding takes practice: Your baby may not be able to latch on properly, or you may have a low milk supply. You might experience sore nipples, and you’re most definitely going to be sleep deprived. Sounds tough. Now add another newborn to the mix — it’s a huge responsibility and initially sounds an impossible undertaking.

Nursing Twins: Just Do It! 

They are double the work, but they’re also double the joy. And it is absolutely possible to successfully breastfeed twins. Multiples are born every day, and with practice, perseverance, and support from family and friends, moms figure out a nursing routine that works for  them and hopefully find time for a quick nap here and there. And as time passes, it does get easier.

Prepare for your twins now:

  • Talk to your doctor and pediatrician about breastfeeding. Prepare a list of questions. 

    Getting ready for twins
    They are double the work, but double the joy. So if you’re expecting twins, prepare for a lot of effort accompanied by some sweet rewards. Breastfeeding twins isn’t easy, but there is a wealth of resources out there to help you along. And don’t be afraid to rely and friends and family for support.
  • Make it clear in your birth plan that you wish to breastfeed.
  • Visit a certified lactation consultant and keep their contact information handy.
  • See out support from other moms. Try our Breastfeeding Forum, held twice a week, or contact a “multiples” group.
  • Talk to your partner about breastfeeding. There are plenty of ways they can help and be involved.
  • Consider renting a breast pump before your babies arrive. It’s one thing less to do later on.

For more information about nursing and juggling multiples, contact Renown’s Lactation Connection.