Getting Ready for Baby – What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Getting Ready for Baby – What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Planning for baby’s arrival is an exciting time, but for some it can also be overwhelming. Remembering to pack your hospital bag is an important step in the preparation for your hospital stay. It’s recommended you pack your hospital bag by the time you’re around 36 weeks pregnant.

While the hospital has items you’ll need including blankets, bottles, clothing, etc, if you want, for example, music during your labor, or your favorite pillow or nightgown after delivery – be sure to bring it.

Here are some items we suggest you pack in your hospital bag:

  • Birth plan
  • Insurance card
  • Bathrobe, slippers, socks, hair tie or hair band, contacts or glasses
  • Items to help you relax, such as an IPod, books or magazines, massage items and items to focus on, such as a favorite picture
  • Cell phone, camera or video camera (remember spare batteries and chargers)
  • Clothes for you and baby to go home in
  • Clothes, toiletries and snacks for your labor partner
  • Undergarments, including a nursing bra if you plan to breastfeed

It is recommended that you leave jewelry and other valuables at home. And while it won’t fit into your hospital bag, don’t forget to bring a car seat to take baby home, as it is required by Nevada State Law.

Tamsen Carson, PA

Tamsen Carson is an OB/GYN physician assistant with Renown Health. She provides essential prenatal, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care to women, including delivering babies. Tamsen completed her OB/GYN Physician Assistant residency at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, CA and has been a part of the Renown Health team for more than five years.

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