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Is your little wide receiver, goalie or three-point shooter getting ready for their next sports season? For $35, you can get them a sports physical to make sure they’re healthy and ready to join their team on the field, the court or wherever! Renown Urgent Care and sports medicine provider Dr. Luis Palacio has information on why sports physicals are important and when to get them.

Sports physicals are important because they:

  • Help identify any preseason injuries
  • Can find risk factors for disease that can flare up during exercise (such as asthma)
  • May discover a condition that could cause sudden death or permanent disability

What do providers look for during a sports physical?

Several medical concerns are evaluated for your child’s upcoming season, such as:

  • Prior injuries
  • Risk factors for injury
  • Family history of any diseases posing a risk to your child

Screening for these issues can help prevent and reduce the risk of future injuries.

When does your child need a sports physical?

In particular, the Washoe County School District requires a physical every other year for middle and high school athletes. Specifically during your child’s first and third year of sports participation.

Generally, children receive their first sports physical between the ages of 10 to 12.

It’s recommended that sports physicals be completed at least 6 weeks before the season begins.

This allows time for additional testing, treatment or therapy, in case any issues come up during the sports physical. With summer ending and the beginning of the school year quickly approaching the time for a sports physical is here.

How should parents prepare for their kid’s sports physical?

Your child’s sports physical has two parts: the medical history and the physical exam.

First, fill out the medical history forms for your child. You have the best knowledge of your child’s medical history.

Second, review any medications your child currently takes, such as those for allergies or asthma.

Finally, feel free to ask providers questions related to injury risk or injury prevention for your child.

Sports physicals aim to identify health issues, but not necessarily treat them. For follow-up treatment options, consult with your pediatrician, family provider or a sports medicine physician.
Also important to note – a sports physical does not take the place of your child’s yearly wellness visit.

$35 Sports Physicals for Kids

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