From Diagnosis to Victory: Siana’s Incredible Journey


After searching her symptoms online, a 15-year-old Carson City girl figured out that she had bone cancer. Watch her amazing story from diagnosis to victory.

When the pain in 15-year-old Siana Love Escobosa’s legs kept getting worse, she searched the internet for answers. Her symptoms pointed to bone cancer. 

The diagnosis was confirmed when her mother, Lorinda Escobosa, brought her to Renown Children’s Hospital where she was admitted for more than three months.

Siana was diagnosed with a type of cancer called acute large b-cell lymphoma. Her doctor, Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist Jacob Zucker, M.D., says the treatment consists of several blocks of high-dose chemotherapy.

“It was absolutely necessary that Siana was admitted to the hospital for most of her therapy, and also the follow up care,” Dr. Zucker says.

Renown Children’s Hospital recently hired Dr. Zucker and several other pediatric specialty care doctors so more children with serious illnesses can be treated locally. Siana’s family lives in Carson City.

“Previously, all of the real tough clinical care had to occur over the hill, which just creates incredible social, economic and clinical tolls on families,” says Larry Duncan, chief operating officer of Renown Regional Medical Center and administrator of Renown Children’s Hospital.


Siana has some side effects from the chemotherapy, including the loss of her hair. “One of my nurses recommended that I get my head shaved so I wouldn’t have to watch it fall out every day,” Siana says. “That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

Siana’s mom stayed in her room throughout her daughter’s stay.

“When you hear cancer, you get scared,” Lorinda Escobosa says. “I just told myself I couldn’t give in to the fear. I couldn’t live in fear because I had to keep marching on and be strong for her.”

Siana adds, “My mom was strong so she kept me strong and happy.” 

After Siana completed her surgery, she received a big surprise: a mini luau and the news that one of her dreams was coming true, granted by Renown Children’s Hospital and Make-A-Wish Northern Nevada. In August, she will travel to Hawaii with her mom and friends to swim with sharks.

“The staff here at Renown is completely amazing,” Escobosa says. “(With) Doctor Zucker, I couldn’t ask for a better person to treat my daughter.”

During Siana’s stay she met Dr. Zucker’s dog, which lead to getting the same breed and naming her puppy Grason Jake — which is Dr. Zucker’s middle name.