How to Establish With a Pediatric Primary Care Provider


Keeping your little one healthy all year round is important. Establishing with a pediatric primary care provider ensures regular preventative care for your children.  

Whether you’re new to the area or ready for a change, selecting your pediatric primary care provider is an important step towards managing your child’s healthcare.  Your child’s primary provider can provide preventative care, teach healthy lifestyles choices, treat medical conditions and make referrals to medical specialists. When choosing a pediatric provider, consider reviewing their profiles to make the choice that best fits your child’s needs.

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Pediatric primary care providers focus on guiding your children through growth and development, immunizations, illnesses and injuries. Before you have your first visit and to help your provider get to know your child, bring any personal medical information you can, including:

  • Medical records from previous doctors
  • Immunization records
  • Growth charts
  • Previous screenings, test results
  • List of any medications or supplements your child is taking including dosages and frequency

What is some advice you have for establishing with a pediatric primary care provider?

When choosing a pediatric provider you want to make sure your ideals align as they will be providing care to your child/children for most, if not all, of their early development. While most common for new parents, pediatric providers will do a meet-and-greet to answer a few questions and tell you about their practice. Once you have chosen a provider, you will need to check with the office to see how best to establish care, whether that is through a well child check, an establish-care visit or on a sick visit. For example, Renown pediatric providers will establish care on a well or sick visit, so it is not necessary to have a separate visit just to establish care.

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How is having a pediatric primary care provider beneficial to your child’s health?

As pediatric primary care providers, our goal is to partner with you while providing care to the youngest members of your family. We want to ensure your child is meeting their developmental milestones, growing well, staying healthy and being able to address any concerns that may arise. As that longitudinal relationship grows, visits can be timelier because we know you and your child. That way, we can provide better, more efficient care.

Contributed by Vanessa Slots, MD, Pediatrician for Renown Medical Group.

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