Did You Know March Is Child Life Month?


March is Child Life Month, Child Life Specialist are trained help to ease your little ones stress and fears of entering into a hospital.  The work they do makes the experience less traumatic.

One of the ways the Renown Children’s Hospital is a special place for sick kids is the amazing team of child life specialists. Child Life Specialist Elizabeth (Liz) Winkler says, “We’re here to make sure the children are comfortable. We’re lessening their anxiety, their fears, their stress.”

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The Specialists see children from birth to 17-years-old.  It’s important  to know the developmental stages so that you can actually access the child for what they need during there visit.  Child Life Specialist are placed through out hospital to help with a variety of departments such as same-day surgery, tours and emergency rooms. 

Outside of there very stringent requirements to become a Child Life Specialist. A four-year degree, an internship and certification are required. But being a kid yourself  is a special skill to possess. The Child Life Specialists help to keep sick children playing and teach kids about the procedures in the hospital. Every day is a different day and every child is different. Children are so different when they are in the hospital of not feeling well. They are vulnerable so having a friendly face to keep them clam allows them to get the care they require. Keep your Child Life Specialist in mind this March and everyday to continuously to provide great support to all children.

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Child Life Specialists help young patients develop ways to cope with the anxiety, fear and also separation that often accompany the hospital experience. Our Child Life Specialists are also professionally certified and affiliated with the national Child Life Council.
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