5 Ways Dad Can Bond with a Breastfeeding Baby


When mom breastfeeds, some dads say they feel left out. Here are a few ways dads can not only help with breastfeeding, but bond with baby as well.

Five Ways Dad Can Bond with a Breastfeeding Baby

  • Skin-to-skin contact
    It’s proven that skin-to-skin contact has many benefits for newborns — stronger immunity, decreased stress, better brain development, and higher breastfeeding rates, just to name a few. For moms who undergo c-sections, skin-to-skin is not easy and dad can help out.
  • One-on-one time
    Having the time to bond one-on-one with baby is very important. Whether it’s a daddy-baby date or getting baby in the middle of the night for feedings or diaper changes, that one-on-one time is good for the both of them.
  • Family time
    When mom is nursing baby, that is a perfect time for dad to sit with them. If it’s just to enjoy the quiet time, have a conversation or eat a snack together – share the moment.