Specialists Provide Pediatric Care Close to Home


It’s scary when a child is diagnosed with a rare disease or illness. Lorri Nielsen, a nurse practitioner with Renown Pediatric Endocrinology, explains  how your family can receive specialized care close to home.

If your child is diagnosed with a rare disease or illness, they may be able to receive specialized treatment in their hometown. We asked Lorri Nielsen, a nurse practitioner with Renown Pediatric Endocrinology. to explain more.

What does a children’s specialty care offer?

A pediatric specialty practice offers advanced, individualized care so parents and their children get the care and support they need. In the specialty pediatric practice at Renown, we are able to treat blood disorders, cancers, neurological disorders, and diseases that affect the glands and the hormones, which is what I specialize in as an endocrinology nurse.

We have a Children’s Infusion Center for those who need blood and medication infusion treatments, a dedicated program in partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine for cystic fibrosis, an asthma program, and an infant head-shape program that helps evaluate and treat babies with head abnormalities.


Why is it so important to offer these services here?

Being in the hospital is often a stressful experience, especially for a child and their family. If you add the need to travel out-of-state for care into the mix, unnecessary anxiety and financial burdens can be placed on a family that is already worried about a sick child. With our quickly growing community and close to 100,000 children under the age of 18 in Washoe County alone, there is definitely the need for local specialty care.

How is the care provided for our community’s youngest patients different from care for adults?

Children aren’t just small adults, and they benefit from care customized to them. Whether it’s having a team of pediatric nurses and physicians who only work with children, child-sized equipment or bright and colorful decor so that it doesn’t look so scary, these elements contribute to a better care environment for your child. Keeping children calm and comfortable can help the family to also feel calmer during this stressful time.

How does a parent know that their child needs specialty care?

If your child has a sudden or ongoing illness or just needs a little extra specialized care, your pediatrician may refer you to a pediatric specialist.